Coinsetter Unaffected by Heartbleed OpenSSL Bug

Yesterday, the OpenSSL software project announced that a severe security vulnerability, codenamed Heartbleed, exists in the current version of the OpenSSL software. OpenSSL is used by the vast majority of secure websites (https), firewalls, and other software on the Internet for the purpose of securing data in transit. The engineering team at Coinsetter has reviewed all software and hardware systems in the Coinsetter network for this vulnerability and has upgraded the OpenSSL software on all affected systems. We thank Red Hat for rapidly distributing a fixed version of OpenSSL.

The following resource is helpful for those who still need to update their systems:

Customers can be assured that we take the security of their Bitcoin, and all data, very seriously. To our knowledge, none of our customers has been materially affected by this bug in OpenSSL. Please contact customer service if you have additional concerns.


Marshall Swatt
Chief Technology Officer

Carlos Cortes
Director of Systems Engineering

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