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Coinsetter is a Wall Street built bitcoin exchange for firms and individuals. Our platform puts the power of institutional bitcoin trading at your fingertips.

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Coinsetter serves some of the most active institutions and professional traders in the bitcoin market. Our advanced CSX technology gives clients access to deep liquidity, the best bitcoin prices and the ability to execute levered trades on margin.

Trade bitcoin with up to 5.0x leverage

With Coinsetter's margin trading capabilities, users of all types can execute larger bitcoin trades with up to 5.0x leverage. Traders also have the ability to short the bitcoin price in the deliverable spot market. Coinsetter is the only bitcoin exchange in the United States that offers margin trading capabilities for bitcoin.

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Access Wall Street grade technology

Connect to Coinsetter's CSX technology through our FIX, WebSockets and REST APIs for a low latency trading experience – the fastest available in the bitcoin market. Our FIX API makes CSX a plug-and-play bitcoin exchange for most trading systems. Our web platform is also connected to CSX via our API to give all users real time prices and fast trade execution.

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Our Users Love Coinsetter

"As an active trader in the equities market, it was important to me to find an exchange with high reliability and low latency. Coinsetter is the best bitcoin exchange I have ever traded on and has exceeded all of my expectations."

- Cameron, Active Trader

"Coinsetter's margin trading features are an important part of my trading arsenal. I've found Coinsetter to be a flawless trading experience with lightning fast quotes, easy order entry and very helpful customer service."

- Matt, Active Trader

"I trade in a variety of markets, and Coinsetter is the only bitcoin trading platform I have used that matches what I'm familiar with in forex, commodities, stocks and other markets. I also like that they're based in New York City."

- Kingsley, Active Trader

Low Trading

For active traders and businesses, low commissions are essential to achieving profitable strategies. Coinsetter's low trading fees make us the best bitcoin exchange for active market participants.

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Professional User Interface

Coinsetter's web trading interface puts a full featured, yet easy-to-use institutional front end platform at your fingertips. We make managing your orders and utilizing other features on the platform simple.

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Vault Account

Using Securicoin®, all bitcoin withdrawals on Coinsetter are processed by a dedicated transaction expert. Your valuable funds never leave Coinsetter without us verifying it first.

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Low Latency, High Reliability

Coinsetter's CSX technology allows you to trade bitcoin with millisecond latency through our web platform, as well as FIX, WebSockets and REST APIs. Users can rely on our high uptime.

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Learn the free end-of-day bitcoin trading strategy that produced a 1,236% return on historical data. All you need is 5 minutes a day and the interest to buy and sell bitcoin. Friendly for new and experienced traders.

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Advanced users can access new capabilities and pricing that make professional bitcoin trading strategies more effective. Our upgraded offering makes us the best bitcoin exchange for market makers and power users.

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How do I deposit funds into my trading account?

You can easily make a deposit on Coinsetter via bank wire, bitcoin transfer, or credit card (coming soon).

Is Coinsetter a regulated exchange?

Yes, Coinsetter is regulated in the United States as a Money Services Business by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

How do you keep my deposits and bitcoin safe?

Coinsetter uses the Securicoin® system to protect the bitcoin and fiat funds you hold on our exchange.

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Reach our New York City team by phone and email

We offer high touch customer support with our New York City team. The bitcoin industry is new and complex, and we're here to help you use our platform, achieve your trading objectives and promote your success. If you need assistance, feel free to contact us by email or by phone at (212) 641-0620. Our call hours extend from 1PM to 4PM Eastern Time, and we offer email support throughout the business day.

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Securicoin® is the bitcoin trading industry's premier enterprise security solution designed specifically to meet the standards of Wall Street institutions. Bitcoins held in the Securicoin® system are contained in highly-protected offline wallets that are entirely detached from the internet. Furthermore, a real human verifies the validity of each withdrawal made from your trading account. Bitcoin exchange market participants that value security over all else will take comfort in Securicoin's complete separation of your bitcoins from outside threats.


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